Mystery Shopping Services in Tasmania

Mystery shopping can be a game-changer for your Tasmania businesses if you’re looking for effective ways to improve customer experience. With over 18 years of experience working with clients in hospitality, retail, and transport businesses, Mystery Management can give you a good picture of your business. Our secret shoppers in Tasmania give you an outsider’s perspective so you can see your business through the eyes of your customers.

The Mystery Shopping Process

A mystery shopper in Tasmania interacts with the customer-facing side of a business just like a regular customer. However, they have a certain benchmark for the expected customer experience and have a list of tasks to perform. These may include purchasing an item, asking staff for help with something, or observing the store environment.

Here’s an overview of the process:

  • Recruitment — First, we recruit mystery shoppers from our network of over 2,000 members across Australia. These mystery shoppers are trained to observe and report on customer service, product quality, and other aspects of your business.
  • Assignment — When a mystery shopper is assigned a task, they visit your business incognito, acting as typical customers. During their visit, they observe and document their experience, focusing on every detail.
  • Reporting — Following their visit, the mystery shopper compiles a detailed report, offering feedback and insights regarding their experience. We review and assemble the reports into a comprehensive evaluation.
  • Utilisation — You can then use these insights to pinpoint areas for improvement and enhance your customer experience.
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Advantages of Mystery Shopping in Tasmania

Our mystery shopping programs offer several unique advantages for your Tasmania business, such as:

  • Boosting Customer Loyalty — Enhance customer satisfaction by addressing issues based on mystery shopper feedback.
  • Identifying Training Needs — Mystery shopping reports highlight specific areas where staff may need additional training.
  • Validating Marketing Strategies — Mystery shoppers can evaluate how well marketing campaigns and promotions are executed at the ground level, such as whether staff are knowledgeable about current offers.
  • Boosting Sales — Insights from mystery shopping can help you refine sales techniques and customer interactions.
  • Ensuring Brand Standards — Mystery shoppers can check if all locations and staff adhere to branding guidelines.

Transform Your Business with Mystery Management

Enhance your customer experience with Mystery Management. Contact us today to discover how our mystery shopping services in Gold Coast, Melbourne, and Sydney can improve your business.

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“Mystery Management has helped us deliver a Mystery Shopping Program that delivers tangible feedback on our performance for every aspect of the customers’ journey. With a motto of “anything you want, we can make happen”, they’ve been an absolute pleasure to work with”

Sarah Young / Transit Systems

“Sydney Ferries operator, TransDev, has been working with Mystery Management since 2016. The professionalism, flexibility and data robustness Mystery Management has demonstrated and provided to our organisation is second to none. ”

Anne-Laure Saluden / TransDev

“Mystery Management has played a major part in the Thomas Hotels customer service success, the program has helped the Management create a culture of accountability among our frontline staff and has focused our manager’s responsibility for each area of their Hotel.”

Chris Thomas / Thomas Hotels

“Mystery Management have become acritical part of the way we deliver service. The reports they deliver are easy to digest and Lou and the team are great to work with. Highly recommended.”

Hamish Watts & Ben Carroll / AppleJack Hospitality

“Mystery Management has provided valuable feedback for our business. We have been able to evaluate our current systems, improve our internal procedures and develop new programs for our security officers and clients.”

Martine Masseh / Urban Protection Group

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