Mystery Shopping in Perth

If you own a business, then you know that keeping your customers happy is a full-time job. Even when you put your best people on the job, some things could still go wrong and some customers might get disappointed. If you’re not incorporating mystery shopping into your strategy, you might be missing critical insights into what’s making them unhappy.

At Mystery Management, we customise mystery shopping programs for businesses in Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, and Brisbane. Our team works with over 2,000 mystery shoppers who conduct 3,000+ visits across Australia. Through our program, you can gain an objective view of your business and an honest assessment of what you need to improve. No matter how bad it seems in the beginning, there is always something you can do about it!

Understanding Mystery Shopping in Perth

Mystery Management mystery shoppers visit business premises in Perth to experience customer service first hand. They then report on their experience and answer specific questions after a purchase or at the end of a consultation.

Our secret shoppers in Perth assess everything from the initial customer interaction to the final transaction. They offer insights into how customers perceive your staff’s friendliness, professionalism, customer service, and compliance. This feedback can help refine your training programs to ensure your employees consistently deliver exceptional service.

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Benefits of Mystery Shopping in Perth

Our customised mystery shopping programs offer several benefits:

  • Unbiased Feedback — Our mystery shoppers in Perth blend in like regular customers, offering unbiased feedback based on their genuine experience. Their feedback can help identify gaps from an outsider’s perspective, allowing business owners to make more informed decisions about where to focus their improvement efforts.
  • Customer Service Insights — Detailed reports from our secret shoppers in Perth provide information about the customer service experience from start to finish. This may include the helpfulness of staff or how fast they helped resolve an issue for the customer.
  • Employee Performance Assessment — Our mystery shopping evaluations can assess employee performance and how well they adhere to the company’s protocols or product knowledge. This may help managers recognise high-performing employees, as well as those who may need additional training or support.

Improve Customer Experience with Mystery Management

The benefits of mystery shopping for businesses in Perth are obvious. Companies can make adjustments based on what they learn from our secret shoppers to offer customers better products and services. They also get an idea of how their brand compares to other companies in the industry, whether in hospitality, retail, or transport.

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Brands we work with

You’re in good company!

“Mystery Management has helped us deliver a Mystery Shopping Program that delivers tangible feedback on our performance for every aspect of the customers’ journey. With a motto of “anything you want, we can make happen”, they’ve been an absolute pleasure to work with”

Sarah Young / Transit Systems

“Sydney Ferries operator, TransDev, has been working with Mystery Management since 2016. The professionalism, flexibility and data robustness Mystery Management has demonstrated and provided to our organisation is second to none. ”

Anne-Laure Saluden / TransDev

“Mystery Management has played a major part in the Thomas Hotels customer service success, the program has helped the Management create a culture of accountability among our frontline staff and has focused our manager’s responsibility for each area of their Hotel.”

Chris Thomas / Thomas Hotels

“Mystery Management have become acritical part of the way we deliver service. The reports they deliver are easy to digest and Lou and the team are great to work with. Highly recommended.”

Hamish Watts & Ben Carroll / AppleJack Hospitality

“Mystery Management has provided valuable feedback for our business. We have been able to evaluate our current systems, improve our internal procedures and develop new programs for our security officers and clients.”

Martine Masseh / Urban Protection Group

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