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What is Mystery Shopping?

Mystery Management offer services designed to increase your competitive edge in the marketplace and increase sales and performance.

Our program will help improve customer relationships and standards of service, which as a result will improve sales and overall performance.

Mystery Shopping works just as regular shopping does. A customer goes to your business centre and buys products and services, in the process the customer earns experience with your business and its working module. It is this experience that decides whether the customer will come back to you or not. But this is where mystery shopping differs from regular shopping in Australia. Mystery shoppers analyse your whole business module while being undercover and provide you with a thorough report of your business on an average working day. If you want to learn more about mystery shopping in Australia, refer to this link.

What we can do for you

We help Australian businesses to improve their sales, by improving their customer experience.

  • Mystery shopping
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Compliance checks
  • Price checking programs
  • Website & Telephone Mystery Shopper
  • Merchandising/promotional audits
  • Contact us about our Mystery Shopping Program today.

Mystery Shopping Services in Australia

The Impact of Mystery Shoppers

In Australia’s highly competitive market, where unique shopping experiences are valued, even small service tweaks can yield significant results.

Unlock business potential with mystery shopper feedback—revealing insights on improvement. A pivotal move for success; mystery shoppers are your key to unlocking great potential.

Increase Your business by 40%

Are you sometimes apprehensive about how your employees perform on an average day and how their work ethic and attitude could impact your business?

Our secret shoppers working in Australia are proficient and qualified. They will walk through the complete structure of your business and the tailor-cut plan for the analysis under your scrutiny and knowledge.

Brands we work with

You’re in good company!

“Mystery Management has helped us deliver a Mystery Shopping Program that delivers tangible feedback on our performance for every aspect of the customers’ journey. With a motto of “anything you want, we can make happen”, they’ve been an absolute pleasure to work with”

Sarah Young / Transit Systems

“Sydney Ferries operator, TransDev, has been working with Mystery Management since 2016. The professionalism, flexibility and data robustness Mystery Management has demonstrated and provided to our organisation is second to none. ”

Anne-Laure Saluden / TransDev

“Mystery Management has played a major part in the Thomas Hotels customer service success, the program has helped the Management create a culture of accountability among our frontline staff and has focused our manager’s responsibility for each area of their Hotel.”

Chris Thomas / Thomas Hotels

“Mystery Management have become acritical part of the way we deliver service. The reports they deliver are easy to digest and Lou and the team are great to work with. Highly recommended.”

Hamish Watts & Ben Carroll / AppleJack Hospitality

“Mystery Management has provided valuable feedback for our business. We have been able to evaluate our current systems, improve our internal procedures and develop new programs for our security officers and clients.”

Martine Masseh / Urban Protection Group

We are more than a mystery shopping provider

Working with Mystery Management, we can guarantee first class service to your business. You will know everything there is to know about your sites if you follow our program.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Mystery shoppers are regular people presenting as customers.  You follow a scripted scenario and then complete an online report of your findings.

  • You can decide when you want to work and what tasks you want to commit too

All you need to do is sign up.  If you wish to be fast tracked you send us an email and arrange training.  All of our shoppers receive one on one personalised training before they head out on assignment.

You will need:

  • A reliable mobile phone and computer with internet access.
  • You will have the ability to write a well written report
  • To have a great eye for detail
  • To be prepared and focused

A Mystery Shopper will visit their assigned site, make a specific enquiry or purchase a specific product,  then assess the level of customer service based on the criteria we provide.

Mystery Management, a leading mystery service company in Australia, ensures that all its shoppers go through a comprehensive induction and training process so that they can adapt to your unique business requirements at the given time and bring back the best corrective feedback and data. We are always ready with a range of demographics (gender, age, ethnicity etc.) to test your business with as we choose the right secret shopper for your business. We have honed a dynamic range of mystery shoppers in Australia in over 14 years to cater to a wide range of businesses.

Mystery Management mystery shop all over the country in every state and territory including regional areas

Yes, of course you get paid.  We pay for your time and pay for the product.  Sometimes there are tasks that are product only, however, not often.

Mystery Management accept all ages, genders and demographics.

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