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What is Mystery Shopping ?

Mystery Management offer services designed to increase your competitive edge in the marketplace and increase sales and performance.
Mystery Management specialises in Mystery shopping for the hospitality, transport and retail industries.

Our program will help improve customer relationships and standards of service, which as a result will improve sales and overall performance.

mystery shoppers in Australia

Increase Your business by 40%

Are you sometimes apprehensive about how your employees perform on an average day and how their work ethic and attitude could impact your business? Mystery Management with its mystery shoppers in Australia can help you with a private audit of your organization, whether it is in hospitality, retail, security or Transport Company. Our secret shoppers working in Australia are proficient and qualified. They will walk through the complete structure of your business and the tailor-cut plan for the analysis under your scrutiny and knowledge.

Our Team

We are Team of more than 2000+ Mystery Shoppers spread across australia.

Louise Heffernan

Louise Heffernan

Owner and Director

22 years of experience with a demonstrated history of working in the Hospitality industry. Skilled in Management, Gaming, Food & Beverage, Business Planning, and Coaching.

Bhavik Hingu

Bhavik Hingu

IT Manager

Innovative as well as a technology specialist. Bhavik is the brains behind our software, from inception he has efficiently handled the day to day software and development which is the heartbeat of our business, this includes the management and development of new technology. Bhavik ensures the high quality standards of reporting are met for each client based on their individual needs.

Let's understand Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping works just as regular shopping does. A customer goes to your business centre and buys products and services, in the process the customer earns experience with your business and its working module. It is this experience that decides whether the customer will come back to you or not. But this is where mystery shopping differs from regular shopping in Australia. Mystery shoppers analyse your whole business module while being undercover and provide you with a thorough report of your business on an average working day. If you want to learn more about mystery shopping in Australia, refer to this link.

Importance of Mystery Shopping Services in Australia

Australia is significantly costlier than most of the countries in the world, hence the competition in the market is intense, and customers always prefer unique shopping experiences with the businesses. In a harshly competitive market such as ours, even the smallest change in your service can produce great results. It is these changes that could be brought about only by a mystery shopper's feedback and data retention. Since a secret shopper experiences your business on a normal working day when the staff doesn't know that they are being scrutinized, it brings out a clear picture of which parts need to be focused on to improve your business performance. A mystery shopping company in Australia could prove out to be pivotal for your business. Mystery shoppers for your business are the key to unlock great potential.

What makes Mystery Management's Mystery Shoppers unique in Australia?

Mystery Management, a leading mystery service company in Australia, ensures that all its shoppers go through a comprehensive induction and training process so that they can adapt to your unique business requirements at the given time and bring back the best corrective feedback and data. We are always ready with a range of demographics (gender, age, ethnicity etc.) to test your business with as we choose the right secret shopper for your business. We have honed a dynamic range of mystery shoppers in Australia in over 14 years to cater to a wide range of businesses.

Join the Force within You with Us

Are you ready to change the future of your business and continue making it brighter every coming year? Or you have a talent of great observational powers piqued with curiosity? Let us be a space where you can grow immensely. Whether you are a business looking for secret shoppers in Australia or just an observant and curious shopper with the potential of becoming a mystery shopper in your area, contact us and we will explore the great abundance of opportunities for you.


Using Mystery Shopping results to motivate employees

Using Mystery Shopping results to motivate employees

Some employees may look at Mystery Shopping as a bane rather than a useful training tool. However, the purpose of a mystery shopping program is to help staff and ultimately the company to provide quality service to customers. Is there a way in using mystery shopping results to motivate employees?

The cause of staff members seeing the program as a bane may be due to various factors. Maybe a manager does not explain why they failed. Instead the manager only tells the staff that they failed. Failure without reason, will not result in improvement it will result in frustration.

Though sometimes tricky, the results from a mystery shopping report can be used to motivate staff to perform better. Which will help in the overall result

Can Using Mystery Shopping results to motivate employee work?

Communicate and explain

It’s a vital part of any business and/or company. Communication is key for smooth operation. If a staff member failed an evaluation, they need to understand why.

The manager needs to sit down with the staff and explain the areas in which they performed below par. Allowing them to understand the quality of service that the company is looking for. The staff member would also need to understand how to work towards providing better service and which methods would work best.


Staff need to receive some recognition for the good work that they do. A paycheque is all and well and good, though, being told that you have done a good job is more intrinsic.

This should also be explained and communicated to them as to why they did well. Noting the positive points and what the staff did right. Again, it is always important to note the quality of service that the company is after.

Slow steady improvement

When it comes to providing service, it is oftentimes a mix of selling a skill, attitude, social aptitude and training. That’s a lot to take into account. One cannot discount on any of the factors mentioned.

When it comes to behavioural changes, adults often find it hard to recondition themselves to a new way of doing things.

Staff members need to be allowed time to improve and not be expected to perform above standards immediately, in any area that is being evaluated. If a staff member is weak in greeting customers, maybe they can spend a month working on this area specifically. Moving from smiling in acknowledgement of the customer to greeting them in a more personalised manner. It may take some time, however, the results would be seen in the long run.

Provide Intrinsic Value to The Staff

As people, we look for value. Companies look to providing value and quality service to their customers. This is done through the staff. Although, staff also need value in their work.

For example, allowing staff to develop their skills over time would provide intrinsic value. If a staff member is shy and can find it difficult to greet customers or even attend to customers, over time and with training, the staff member may get better. This would translate to their personal behavioural improvement in social skills. Giving them more intrinsic value in character development.

There are many other ways to use the results to help the morale of staff or team. A team lunch or small gifts – for good results can be used as well.

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Accurately identifying your customer service levels

Accurately identifying your customer service levels

Senior managers in a hospitality business have moved from an operational focus to a strategic one. Despite years of experience, and often jumping behind the bar or café in busy periods to assist, it is easy for executive managers to lose direct contact with the customers’ experience, and consistent standards of service. According to Louise Heffernan CEO Mystery Management, “In many cases, managers can struggle to see where they’re crushing it, and where they need to improve”.

“Internal reviews carried out by the club or restaurant asking regular customers about their experience has limited value as they are unable to give objective or unbiased feedback. They get better service by default because there’s already a relationship between them and the staff”.

That’s why Louise’s best piece of advice is “It’s not what your regulars tell you, it’s what your new customers say”.

Having an experienced, well trained professional in to overview your service on an average day, with a fresh set of eyes, and no prior knowledge of your venue and staff, is the most effective means of testing where extra training is required, or where customer service processes need improvement.

According to Louise, there are a few consistent issues that come up every time Mystery Management “mystery shops” a business:

  1. There is often a lack of engagement and connection with customers. It’s the simple things like “hey, how was your day”, or when clearing the table “how was everything” that is often missed by busy staff, but always noticed by the customers.  “It’s so simple”, says Louise, “however, it never happens”.
  2. Regular maintenance checks during peak trading periods often get missed when staff and managers are focused on speed of service and just getting a job done efficiently. However, “staff just walking past dirty ashtrays or empty glasses and no hourly review of toilets, is a fail from a customer’s perspective and consistently comes up in venue reviews” says Louise.
  3. When up-market restaurants don’t follow the SOS (sequence of service), it’s disappointing to the customer as they are there for an experience and are willing to pay for this.


Many in the industry will know Louise Heffernan from Girl Friday Solutions, started in 2006, but a rebranding to Mystery Management better reflects the specific services that they now offer.

“Mystery shopping was an effective way of getting clear, detailed and to the point feedback from someone experiencing the business without staff knowing. This information over time became so valued by customers, with strong positive results for venue sales, that over the years since the company started Mystery Management shifted to exclusively providing this service”.

The service does take different forms that reflects the diverse businesses that Mystery Management deals with including mystery shopping in venue, customer satisfaction surveys, compliance checks, price checking, web and phone mystery shopping, as well as merchandising and promotional audits.  Cutting edge, online reporting tools are a distinct advantage of Mystery Management’s services and gives easy access to customer service trend reports over time, assisting venues as improvements are made.

To discuss a mystery shopper program for your venue contact: 0407599277

Louise Heffernan:

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