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A Hospitality Audit in Australia Can Improve Your Customer Experience

As hotels and restaurants find themselves facing more competition than ever in the digital age, it’s never been more important to use a service such as a mystery hospitality audit in Australia. This “mystery shopper” service can give you valuable information about how your staff is doing and how satisfied your customers are with the services that you provide.

Benefits of a Hospitality Audit or Mystery Café Customer in Australia

Using a hotel, bar, or restaurant audit service in Australia is a critical way to find out how your staff is interacting with your guests and how your guests respond to your brand. Here are a few of the benefits of taking advantage of this service.

  1. Enhance your customer experience. Mystery customers give you an inside view of your hotel or restaurant from a customer’s perspective. They’ll report back to you on the cleanliness of your rooms, the customer service they receive, and all your key performance indicators to highlight opportunities for improvement for you.
  2. Improve your competitive advantage. Today’s competitive market requires successful businesses to set themselves apart and develop lasting customer relationships. A mystery customer or hospitality customer service survey in Australia can teach you how to leverage your strengths and weaknesses to position your business for maximum success strategically.
  3. Support your employees. Your team works tirelessly to keep your guests happy. They deserve to be recognised and rewarded for exceptional work and to be supported to continue to perform at their best. Mystery shoppers give you the chance to analyse their performance and identify the areas in which they need support to strengthen the quality of their customer care.

Key Questions to Ask Mystery Management About Using a Hotel or Pub Mystery Customer in Australia

If you’re considering hiring a mystery shopper, you’re making a smart move for your business. Mystery shopping works – as long as you use the right provider. Here are a few questions to ask before signing up.

  1. Do you have experience working in my industry? Mystery shopping programs tend to break down into segments such as retail, foodservice, healthcare, and hospitality. Make sure that the company with which you work has excellent knowledge of your industry.
  2. Who are your evaluators? A reliable, reputable mystery shopping service will know their shoppers in person, not just online. They should meet these individuals face-to-face for training, and there should be screening measures in place to ensure that your mystery guest is experienced and professional.
  3. Will you re-refer the same shopper to my location? If a mystery shopper is recognised, it negates the entire point of mystery shopping. Make sure that the same person will not return to your business week after week. A three-month waiting period before the same person returns is a good rule of thumb.

About Mystery Management

At Mystery Management, we take pride in our services and our choice of mystery shopping consultants (whom we train in person). We have a variety of shoppers in all major cities in Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, and more. We have 15 years’ experience in the mystery shopping industry, so you can rest assured that we’ll get it right. Our consultants are screened, well-trained, and dedicated to their work. We’ll assign you a shopper with experience in your specific industry whenever possible, and we’ll never send the same shopper back to your location less than three months after their last visit.

If you would like to learn more about Mystery Management and how we can help you, please Contact us today.

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