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Government Mystery Shopper

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Let Us Assign a Government Mystery Shopper Who Understands Your Service Sector

We can provide a government mystery shopper in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, Darwin, or elsewhere to give you a detailed, customised report about the quality of their secret dealings with your workers, system, and services.

Problems a Mystery Shopper for Public Sector Use Addresses

Each mystery shopper receives one-on-one instruction on how to evaluate the public services that your department offers. They will consider which obstacles are preventing satisfying customer service and how you can best address these impediments.

  1. Studies reveal that consumers who experience inferior public sector services typically make negative comments to more than 20 acquaintances, who tell their contacts in turn. As a result, the stereotype of inefficient government service delivery grows stronger, and consumers develop pessimistic attitudes about applying for the services that they need.
  2. We can deploy a mystery shopper who represents a certain ethnicity, age, gender, minority group, or demographic to apply for services and test how a state department, local government, public university, school, hospital, or agency functions. Their work enables you to resolve problems within your sector sooner.
  3. Our mystery shoppers come from all backgrounds and represent the public. They make calls, send emails, communicate on social media, and pay a visit to your organisation to determine whether your customers receive friendly, efficient, and helpful services.

Are your telephone system and website easy to navigate? Does your reception department and front office staff answer phones, emails, and questions and provide required information appropriately? Do they refer clients to the right officials to get what they need? Find out now.

What Is the Purpose of a Mystery Shopper for Public Sector Support?

Our buyers report their findings and make suggestions regarding how you can mitigate concerns across all sectors to reach higher service levels, increase productivity, and augment approval ratings.

  1. Common customer service phrases that sound canned annoy consumers, as does the feeling that a team member is passing their concern on to yet another employee or offering a recorded message that doesn’t answer their query.
  2. Consumers prefer a rapid response to an email or social media message since long waiting periods cause uncertainty and frustration. Perceived rudeness in how your team handles or denies a request, whether intentional or not, always causes dissatisfaction.
  3. A mystery shopper will point out such concerns and suggest that consumers react positively to individualised responses; the phrase, “I don’t know, but I’ll find out for you” is a confirmed favourite among public sector service users. Sometimes, offering an apology−even if an employee did nothing wrong−can help your team to resolve a regretful situation.

Our team members know how to report pertinent data and corrective steps through personalised reports to enhance customer service in private businesses, the public sector, and government agencies.

Why You Should Use Mystery Management

Fourteen years of industry experience tell us that small changes can make a significant difference to your department’s image. We’ve assisted more than 700 establishments, and we maintain more than 200 mystery shoppers in different parts of Australia to help you achieve high-quality service levels. Contact us with your queries about our services.

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