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Education Mystery Shopping

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Improve the Services Your Employees Provide Through Education Mystery Shopping

Utilise our well-trained, experienced education mystery shopping employees to assess the services that you extend to prospective students and parents at your school, college, or university. Learn how we can help you to improve your services.

The Benefits of Using a University Mystery Student Shopper

Is your team putting potential customers on hold when they call and forgetting about them? Is your website working correctly, ensuring that clients can find the information that they require? Are employees chatting or completing other tasks while ignoring students or parents waiting at the counter? Find out with a mystery student shopper.

  1. Mystery shoppers pretend to be customers and appraise service conditions, navigating the phone system, staff attitudes, competencies, knowledge, and email response times. They provide customised reports on their experiences to elevate the effectiveness of the services that private companies, government agencies, and public sector organisations offer, activating greater efficiency throughout the system.
  2. Poor service results in negative consumer experiences. Your organisation may lose potential students by not meeting their requirements, developed a damaged image as a result.
  3. Consumer behaviour studies indicate that dissatisfied clients share their unsatisfactory experiences with more than 20 contacts, spreading detrimental word-of-mouth about educational and government institutions.
  4. Public services workers ought to regard the civil assistance that they provide as customer service-driven, just as private businesses do. We offer mystery shopping research to educational institutions to help them identify and address existing problems.

We advise on the outcome and pinpoint how you can improve accessibility and productivity to provide customers with a higher service level and satisfactory experience.

What Sets Mystery Management Apart Regarding a Student Mystery Shopper in Australia?

Our mystery shoppers go through an in-depth induction and instruction process, learn how to adjust to different project requirements and situations, and study clear directives regarding how to report relevant data and remedial steps so that your establishment can solve service disparities.

  1. • An educational institution’s focus should be on the syllabus, curriculum, schooling provided, and pass rate. However, your focus on these outcomes should not minimise the importance of customer service.
  2. • Parents of prospective students need staff members to respond to queries quickly and directly. They want clear answers, not a team member referring them back to the website. They also want the easy retrieval of information, and they prefer not to wait while standing around at a counter or while staff members put their calls on hold or transfer them to other departments.
  3. • Our mystery shopping at schools service will inform management of perceived indifference and negligence to improve your competitive edge, enhance overall staff execution and service standards, and strengthen customer relationships.

Our covert private audits of your establishment on an ordinary business day can help you to improve your team’s work ethic by painting a clear picture of the corrective measures that you need to implement to increase performance.

About Mystery Management

We’ve provided mystery shoppers to over 700 companies and organisations of every kind, and in every major Australian city, over the past 14 years. We’ve assisted airports, public transport providers, stores, restaurants, and multiple other services with advancing their systems. Contact us if you have questions about our process.

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