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Mystery Shopping Companies Australia

What Mystery Shopping Companies in Australia Can Do for Your Business

If you’re finding that too many of your customers come to your business once and never return – or if you just want to stack the odds of success in your favour as much as possible – then it might be worth looking into mystery shopping companies in Australia. Mystery shoppers are anonymous individuals who visit your store, restaurant, hotel, bar, or other establishment, behave like an average customer and later provide you with a report of their findings.

Mystery shoppers may inform you about factors such as how your staff treated them during their interactions, how clean your business was, how quick and efficient your procedures were, and many other details that you may want to know. This vital information can reveal areas where your business needs improvement – ultimately improving the customer experience and ensuring more repeat business. At Mystery Management, we can provide a secret shopper for your Adelaide, Perth, Sydney, or Brisbane business – or any other major city in Australia.

  1. Feedback from the customer’s perspective. You can take advantage of mystery shopping programmes to obtain specific, reliable, and helpful feedback from a customer or guest’s point of view. This service can highlight areas that may need some improvement, such as brand perception or customer satisfaction.
  2. Feedback on staff performance. How do your customers feel about their interactions with your employees? Are your team members too pushy? Do they take complaints seriously? Are they knowledgeable about your business and products or services? Are they friendly? You can find out all of this and more by using a secret shopper in Australia.
  3. Identification of training needs.Your secret shopper can provide you with all kinds of valuable information about your establishment, including staff behaviour, facility conditions, the functionality of your internal procedures, and much more.
  4. Customer retention.All the other benefits of mystery shopping culminate in the most critical one: customer retention. The improvements that you make in your business as a result of the report you receive from your mystery shopper will lead to better customer service and, in turn, customers who return again and again.

What Sets Mystery Management Apart Regarding Mystery Shopping Audits

If you are looking for a secret customer in Australia, Mystery Management can help. A mystery shopper survey from our team provides valuable insights regarding how your brand stacks up in the eyes of your customers and guests. Here are some of the things that make us stand out:

  1. Extensive experience. With 15 years in the industry, we know what to look for and what information you need to effectively assess your business and your staff and identify areas where you need to ramp up training or make other improvements.
  2. Availability. We work with many types of businesses in all major cities in Australia. Whether you operate a hotel in Sydney, a restaurant in Brisbane, a retail shop in Perth, or a bar or café in Adelaide, we have the perfect mystery shopper for you.
  3. Quality of service. We take extra measures to ensure that you receive the best possible service and results. For example, we never send the same person to the same place twice within three months, we train our consultants in person – not online, and we provide detailed, customised reporting with practical information that you can use to improve.

Benefits of Learning How to Become a Secret Shopper in Australia

Would you like to get paid to shop in Australia? Secret shopping companies are not just for businesses – they’re also for individuals looking for fun and interesting part-time work. Mystery shoppers enjoy many advantages, including:

  1. A flexible schedule. When you work as a mystery shopper, you’ll receive the information you need to perform each customer service audit in Australia, and then you can arrive to complete the task at a time that’s convenient to you. You’ll also have the freedom to work as much or as little as you like, depending on the availability of assignments.
  2. Variety. If you aren’t the kind of person who enjoys sitting at the same desk in the same office day after day, then secret shopping might be for you. With this job, you get to experience frequent changes in scenery – a retail store one day, an upscale restaurant the next. Mystery shopping is perfect for people who crave variety in their lives.
  3. Income potential. Whether you want to make mystery shopping just a part-time job or pursue it more fully, it’s up to you. Some mystery shoppers earn only a few extra dollars each month and enjoy having something different to do on occasion; others sign up with multiple mystery shopping companies and make it a full-time job. Your income depends on your efforts.
  4. Free stuff. Everyone loves free stuff. As a mystery shopper, you’ll receive assignments to evaluate products and services and specific instructions as to what you should purchase during your visit. Whether it’s a slice of pizza, a pair of pants, or a night in a hotel, you’ll be reimbursed for these items, meaning you’ll often get to dine and shop for free.

Tips Regarding Working as a Secret Shopper

Once you’ve become a secret shopper in Perth or elsewhere in Australia, you want to do your best work so that you continue to be able to shop for free and have fun while you earn money. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of each mystery shopping assignment:

  1. Don’t hesitate to ask questions. If you have any questions at all about a given assignment, be sure to ask. It’s much better to ask ahead of time and clear up any misunderstandings than to assume and make a mistake. Ask anything you can think of that may help you understand the assignment better.
  2. Find ways to take notes. You can pretend to make a phone call and leave a message for yourself at home, write notes in the spaces of a crossword puzzle (at a casual eatery, for example), go to the washroom and jot down notes, discreetly use your smartphone to take notes, or even just use your phone’s voice recorder throughout your visit.
  3. Remember names. Be sure that your notes include the names of the individuals that you encounter or detailed descriptions of them. Employees can be rewarded for good work only if their management knows who they are. Check for name tags or note key characteristics such as the employee’s race, gender, approximate age and height, and any other distinguishing features such as glasses or a moustache.
  4. Keep an eye on everything around you. Pay attention to everything that’s going on, not just your service. Are other guests receiving excellent service? What is the atmosphere like there? Are there dirty tables, music that’s too loud or inappropriate, or employees chatting with each other when guests need attention? Include these observations in your report.

About Mystery Management

Mystery Management was known as Girl Friday Solutions and established in 2006. We began by working with hotels needing assistance with marketing and promotions. Working closely with a wide variety of venues taught us a lot about what excellent customer service is and why many businesses struggle to provide it. The truth is that a regular customer service survey in Australia isn’t likely to give you accurate results. Your regulars can’t give you unbiased feedback because they likely already receive better service because of their ongoing relationship with your staff. Online reviews are equally unreliable, as people tend to write them only when they’ve had a wonderful or terrible experience. So, how is a business owner or manager to know where they’re performing well and where they need to make improvements?

The solution is mystery shopping – the best way to get clear, unbiased, detailed feedback from someone who interacted with your team and your brand on an average day. We found this service so effective and in-demand that our business shifted to the point that we began offering this service exclusively and changed our name to Mystery Management. Today, we provide mystery shoppers to over 700 stores and venues nationally, and we can provide your business with a secret shopper in Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, or anywhere in Australia you happen to be. We work with restaurants, bars, hotels, clubs, airports, liquor stores, public transport providers, and more, providing each client with cutting-edge services and reports. We’d love for you to join our family – contact us today to find out how.

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