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Established in May 2006 as Girl Friday Solutions, we started out as a one-woman show - working with hotels that needed someone to assist with marketing and promotions on a part-time or contract basis.

Working with such a wide range of venues gave us invaluable insight into what good customer service means, and why a lot of businesses struggle to raise that bar - and in turn, get more bookings and make more sales.


Regulars can’t give objective or unbiased feedback, because they get better service by default (there’s a relationship between them and the staff). Online reviews are unreliable, as people generally only leave them when things are great or terrible, and tend to be infused with emotion. As a result? Owners and managers can struggle to see where they’re crushing it, and where they need to improve.


Mystery shopping was the ideal solution to this problem: a way to get clear, detailed, to the point feedback from someone who experienced your business and team on an average day. It was so powerful and made such a huge difference that over time, our business started to shift until we were exclusively providing this service - and needed a name change!

Fourteen years on renamed Mystery Management, we are now providing mystery shoppers to over 1700 venues and stores nationally - businesses of all sorts and sizes. Some of our clients include airports, liquor stores, pubs, RSLs, clubs, restaurants, bars, cafes - we even serve security companies and public transport providers.

Our systems and processes are absolute cutting edge - from training our shoppers, to how we provide you the information they gathered.

We are proud to have meaningful, ongoing relationships with the businesses we work with - we’d love for you to join our family.

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